Landemere at the head of Walton backwaters

leo at walton

Hidden away behind the Essex seaside resort of Walton on Sea is a wonderful stretch of marshland and creeks which was the setting for the Arthur Ransome children's story 'Secret Water'. This picture was taken at Landemere Creek at the western extremity of the marshes. The boat is a small bilge keel cabin cruiser 'Leo' which was owned and skippered by HSC member Grace H. The photo was taken in the early 90's when Grace's boat together with three HSC club dinghies made a cruise to Walton Backwaters. A large part of the HSC sailing membership are on board Leo for afternoon tea. After the photo was taken no one seemed to notice the tide starting to ebb and we then made the mistake of trying to circumnavigate Horsey Island on a falling tide. The dinghies made it back to their camp but the small cabin yacht got stuck in the middle of the 'Wade' and spent half the night waiting for the water to come back.

The picture below was taken on the opposite side of the creek to the one above. I thought it was a nice picture of the remains of a Thames Sailing Barge (The Rose, 42tons, built 1880).


For a bit about the interesting history of Landemere creek  and Beumont Cut which joins the creek try: THIS WIKIPEDIA ARTICAL