Havengore creek provides a high water route between the River Roach and the Thames Estuary. As well as being an interesting route to follow, this route also saves some distance when sailing from the Crouch or the Roach accross the Thames estuary to the Medway, the Swale or other destinations to the south.

The photograph shows HSC wayfarer dinghy 'Merganser' and HSC member Len's 'Woodnut' dinghy 'Bluey' heading out into the Thames estuary having just passed under the Havengore lifting bridge during the summer of 2007. The road over this bridge is the military road onto Foulness island and the opening of the bridge is at the discretion of the MOD. For further information about navigating the Havengore route see this website: CLICK HERE  Quoting from this website, "Unless the ranges are in use, the bridge is normally manned 1-2 hours each side of high water during daylight hours. Vessels intending to use the creek should contact the bridgekeeper on VHF 72 (callsign "shoe bridge") . On a number of occasions in recent years, the bridge has been out of action, so it's a good idea to check. The bridge keeper usually notes the name of each vessel passing through."