The river Alde in Suffolk is about as far north as the HSC boats have ever sailed. On at least one occasion we reached Snape at the head of navigation and several times we have been up as far as Orford or Aldeburgh. We have talked about going on to Southwold, the next estuary up the coast, but we never managed it, not yet anyway.

The town of Aldeburgh lies on a narrow neck of land where the River Alde almost meets the sea but then turns south for a few more miles befor finally reaching the sea at Shingle Street. Aldeburgh is an interesting and rather remote seaside town. After tying up our boats at the river quayside in the lower photo we went to look at the museum which is in the 16th centuary Moot Hall left of centre above, then a crowd gathered round the red and white Punch and Judy booth in front of the museum so we stayed a while to enjoy the violence and bad language.


Lookout accross the North Sea


HSC fleet at Aldeburgh (1997)