Club shed at Redcroft, Paglesham


The HSC used to have a small clubhouse in the form of a wooden shed fitted out with camping cooker and workbench for boat repairs. This shed was first errected in the garden of the short lived youth hostel at Great Stambridge, a few miles from Paglesham. When this hostel closed the then owners of Redcroft house at Paglesham very kindly allowed the HSC to move the shed to their garden and they also allowed us to camp overnight at the end of the garden, amongst their menagery of geese, sheep, dogs, horses, donkey, goats, chickens, cattle etc. No need for an alarm clock in the morning.


When the owners of 'Redcroft' moved to a new property at StOsyth we were amused, but pleased, to find that rather than making a Guy Fork's bonfire of our shed they reassembled it as the splendid mock Roman Temple shown here.

Going back further into our history, we once had a similar style shed at a campsite at St. Lawrence on the south side of the River Blackwater. Before that we had a caravan at Bradwell, also on the river Blackwater.