Syllabus for Helmsmanship Assessment 

September 2001


The club rules require a club helm to be in charge of any club boat taken out sailing - see CLICK HERE

The committee is keen for all members to become qualified helms for the club boats. There is a practical test for the 'limited helm' and an additional (paper) test for the 'full helm'. The 'Limited Helm' allows members to take charge of a boat in the local rivers (Roach & Crouch) and the 'Full Helm' is required before boats are taken on cruises away from these local rivers. Such trips are also subject to committee approval.

The 'Limited Helm' Test - normally taken on club boats.

The candidate shall demonstrate the following to the training officer:-

Note that candidates will be expected to set sails efficiently for all points of sail and to keep a lookout for other vessels at all times.

The 'Full Helm' Test - A written paper covering the following topics:-