Recommended inventory for club boats 

Basic inventory -

Essential for Any Sailing  - See Notes 1  & 2
  • Buoyancy Aid or Lifejacket for each person on board - Note that the items in the club store are intended mainly for new members as it is expected that those members who  sail regularly will normally provide their own personal buoyancy.
  • Oars  (+ rowlocks attached to boat)
  • Flares (minimum 1 red flare & orange smoke)
  • Bucket - attached to boat
  • Bailer
  • Mainsail & reefing lines
  • Genoa
  • Working Jib
  • Anchor + Warp (30m minimum - by joining ropes if necessary)
  • Warps for tying up ( 2 * 5 metre minimum)
  • Buoyancy Bags (Merganser)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Whistle

Normal Inventory -

Additional Items normally on boats - See Note 2
  • Pump
  • Burgee
  • Jib pole
  • Second anchor + Warp (30m minimum?) + Chain (1m minimum?)
  • Misc additional ropes (quantity & lengths?)
  • Additional flares
  • To ADD as per committee meeting and members comments:- Toolkit including; large flate blade screwdriver, knife, pliers, spare shackles, clevis pins... Spare batten (also useful for jammed centrboards!) Check List (ie copy of this list?) List of useful tel. numbers (Crewing Agent, Weather forecasts, etc)

Cruising inventory -

Additional Items considered essential for cruising away from home base - (See Note 3)
  • Second anchor & Chain  - see normal inventory
  • Good Torch
  • Compass
  • Charts (or Good local knowledge?)
  • Drinking water
  • Spare dry clothing for each person on board.

Cruising extras -

Suggestions for further items needed for cruises
  • Tidal Atlas
  • Mobile Phone / personal VHF radio
  • Fire extinguisher/blanket
  • Portable radio for weather forecasts, etc.
  • Additional buoyancy aids/lifejackets for people joining cruise en route.
  • Food, Cooking Equipment, Tents,

Club storage locker

Note that the following items are not normally kept aboard the club boats on the moorings but are available from the club storage locker in the boatyard.

  • Buoyancy Aids (various sizes and quality)
  • Waterproof Clothing (various sizes and quality)
  • Spare Warps
  • Spare Oars / Rollocks
  • Sighting compass
  • Water Containers
  • Spare Centreboard


Note 1 - The HSC committee will try and ensure that all items under this heading are on all HSC boats. It is the responsibility of Club Helms taking out boats to ensure that all items on this list are available and serviceable before taking any boat from it's mooring.

Note 2 - Club Helms should report any missing or damaged items on these lists to the crewing agent as soon as possible.

Note 3 - The committee considers that Items on this list are essential for safe cruising away from our local rivers. It does NOT however expect to provide items under this heading (although some are available from the club stores or from other members). This means that qualified helms planning a cruise will be expected to arrange for the items on this list to be available in each boar taken away from home waters.