Rules for use of club boats

(As issued by HSC committee, May 98)

1 - Definitions

a) An HSC helm is a person whose sailing competence and knowledge of the HSC local waters qualifies them to take charge of an HSC club boat.  Two levels of competence are recognised, these being referred to as a ‘full’ helm and a ‘limited’ helm.

b) The Training Officer is a person nominated by the HSC committee to be responsible for ensuring that adequate sailing instruction is available to members and for organising appropriate  practical and/or written tests to verify the sailing competence and local knowledge of  new helms.

c) The Crewing Agent is a person nominated by the HSC committee to be responsible for co-ordinating the crewing of HSC boats. The crewing agent should nominate a deputy(s) as necessary to maintain coverage throughout the sailing season.

d) The Bosun(s) is a person(s) nominated by the HSC committee to be responsible for boat maintenance. If practical, there should be one bosun nominated for each boat in the HSC fleet.

e) ‘The rivers’ are the waters in which the HSC moorings are located, these waters  currently comprising the River Roach , the River Crouch from the head of navigation to Shore Ends  and tributary creeks to these rivers.

2 - Safety and Cruising Areas

a) An HSC  helm must be in charge of any HSC boat going sailing. For sailing within 'the rivers' this can be a 'limited' helm. For sailing outside the rivers a 'full' helm should be in charge of each boat.

b) The qualified helms on board each boat are responsible for ensuring that it is safe for the boat to go sailing - this decision should be based on all factors including prevailing conditions, crew experience, boat condition, proposed route.

c) The committee will award full and part helm status, based on the members sailing qualifications and experience, and on the training officer’s recommendations. A list of qualified members will be published regularly.

d) Boats must not be taken sailing without their full complement of safety equipment - the list includes lifejackets for all on board, oars, rowlocks, bucket, flares, a minimum of one suitable anchor and warp.

3 - Care of Boats

a) Each club boat shall have a nominated bosun, responsible for maintenance.

b) Problems with a boat should be notified to the crewing agent as soon as possible. The crewing agent will then advise the responsible bosun. If practicable, minor repairs should be carried out by helms on the day but the crewing agent should still be informed.

c) The transfer of equipment between boats should be avoided as far as possible. If it is essential to transfer equipment between boats then this equipment should be returned to the original boat after sailing and the absence of equipment reported to the crewing agent.

4 - Sailing Fees

a) Boats should not be taken from the moorings without the agreement of the Crewing Agent.

b) Helms should ensure that all on board have taken out full or temporary membership. Non-members should not be taken sailing due to insurance restrictions.

c) Helms should ensure that the crewing agent has the names of people sailing on each day and the crewing agent shall liase with the HSC Treasurer to ensure that sailing fees are collected.