1. Name

The name of the club is Hostellers' Sailing Club.

2. Burgee

The burgee is a green triangle on a white over red ground.

3. Aims

To help members to knowledge and love of England's waterways and to further the tradition of seamanship,  especially by giving instruction in the use of sailing craft.

4. Membership

(a) Membership shall be open to all persons accepted by the Committee.

(b) The membership fees shall  be as agreed at a General  Meeting of the Club.

(c) Associate  members have the same rights as full members except that their annual  fee does not entitle them to sail in the Club's boats.

(d) A list of members shall be maintained by the Committee.

5. General Meetings

(a) At  least three weeks notice of the purpose, time and place of any  General Meeting shall be given in writing to all members.   A quorum shall be a quarter of  members eligible to vote.

(b) An Annual General Meeting  shall be held between the end of the financial year, 30th September,  and 31st March following.

(c) The Annual General Meeting shall:-

  • Receive the Statement of Accounts,
  • Receive the Annual Report,
  • Elect  Officers and Committee to hold office until the end of the next Annual General Meeting,
  • Appoint an Auditor,
  • Discuss any other business connected with the affairs of the Club.

(d) An Extraordinary General Meeting  may be called  by the Committee. The  Committee shall call an E.G.M. within six weeks if requested to do so in writing by any six members.

6. Management (Committee)

(a) The Club shall be administered by a committee consisting of the officers ( Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), and a minimum of three and a maximum of six others.

(b) The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall meet at least every six months.

(c) Five Committee members shall form a quorum.

(d) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt two additional  Committee members.

(e) It should be part of the business of each Committee meeting to decide the date of the following meeting.

(f) The place of any member of the Committee shall be considered vacant if he/she:-

  • ceases to be a member of the Club
  • resigns the position in writing
  • is absent from three consecutive meetings without a reason acceptable to the Committee.

(g) Any vacancies occurring during the year may be filled by co-option by the Committee or by election at a General Meeting.

(h) No member shall serve as Chairman for more than three consecutive years from the date of election.

(i) The  Committee  shall make and publish any regulations necessary relating to boats and  safety.

(j) Any  member of the Club may attend Committee meetings.

7. Finance

(a) The funds of the Club shall be devoted to the forwarding of its aims and the improvement of its facilities.

(b) The funds shall be held only in the name of the Club and shall be administered by the Honorary Treasurer under the direction of the Committee.

(c) The Club bank account shall be  under the direction of the Treasurer and all cheques shall be signed by two of the Officers.

(d) The  Treasurer shall keep proper books of account, which shall be audited, and present an audited statement of accounts to the Annual General Meeting.

8. Amendment of Constitution

Any motion proposing  alteration or amendment to this  Constitution shall be notified in writing to all members at least fourteen days prior to the General Meeting at which it is to be discussed.

9. Dissolution of the Club

(a) The Club may be dissolved  by a resolution  of not less than three-quarters of those members present and voting at a General Meeting  called for that purpose.

(b) Any assets remaining after all liabilities have been met shall be passed to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.


(See here for previous (superceded) constitution)