The Hostellers Sailing Club offers day sailing and dinghy cruising during the summer and country walking during the winter. The HSC suits all levels of sailing experience including complete beginners. Most members live in London/ Essex/ Southeast England, we also now have a few in Devon. We keep a club owned Wayfarer dinghy on a mooring at Paglesham on the River Roach in Essex.



This is Merganser, a Wayfarer sailing dinghy owned from new by the HSC and the second club boat to be aquired by the HSC. Does one of our members know the age of the boat? - 30yrs? 40yrs?. It is in good condition considering that it has been on an estuary mooring every summer and has been stored out of doors almost every winter. In the picture it is shown with the original varnished spruce mast. The mast was varnished each spring and was scraped and sanded to bare wood a number of times, it must have ended up a bit thinner each time. Eventually the boat was rolled over by a gale while dried out on the mud then it filled and capsized when the tide returned, and this broke the mast, at least that is what we think happened. The wooden mast was then replaced with a Proctor racing alloy mast.