The Hostellers Sailing Club offers day sailing and dinghy cruising during the summer and country walking during the winter. The HSC suits all levels of sailing experience including complete beginners. Most members live in London/ Essex/ Southeast England, we also now have a few in Devon. We keep a club owned Wayfarer dinghy on a mooring at Paglesham on the River Roach in Essex.





Dinghy Cruise in the Charante Maritime, West France

Miles Dent, a member of the Dinghy Cruising asssociation, arranged a successful dinghy cruise in western France in 2016, Click here for an account of our participation in this event. 

I am delighted to tell you that Miles plans a further cruise in the same area during the second week of September 2018 (Exact start and finish dates to be confirmed). This is planned over a longer period than last time which should reduce  the pressure to cover distance and also allow some chance to catch up with the program if the fleet is held up by the weather. 

This is a cruise in company, primarily for sail and oar boats, although auxiliary engine power is fine. It is convenient to be able to spend nights on board your boat, either in a cabin or DCA style with a boat tent. However, one crew in 2016 did sleep on shore using small backpacking style tents - if this is your plan ask Miles about places to camp. 

The provisional plan for 2018 is to start and end the cruise at La Cayenne, as we did in 2016 The places it is hoped to visit in 2018 include Paradise (up the river Seudre above La Cayenne), Brouage (a small walled village about 5km North East of Marennes), Fouras, La Rochelle, La Flotte (on Ille de Re)

This cruise is not an event organised by the HSC, but the HSC website editor has agreed to pass on messages to Miles Dent, so if you would like further information about this event please click the link below and complete the form that appears.